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In 2017, 15 AMR centers merged their businesses to form a single company. Two additional centers elected to remain independent, but aligned operations and function seamlessly as AMR members. The new AMR now includes 17 locations across the continental United States, 126 investigators, and access to databases of over 657,344 patients. As one company, AMR now offers improved efficiencies with the same exceptional quality and industry professionals you trust.

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Migraine Study

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AMR Volunteer Research Group/New Orleans Center for Clinical Research (Knoxville) and AMR New Orleans Center for Clinical Research New Orleans (New Orleans) operate as three distinct units; (i) 50-bed inpatient PK unit in Knoxville at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, (ii) an outpatient unit in Knoxville and (iii) the original facility which is now an outpatient unit in New Orleans. These centers have conducted more than 1,700 Phase I–IV trials since opening in 1991. The inpatient unit employs 60 full-time staff and conducts a variety of trials including NHV, SAD/MAD, FIH, special population trials including renal, hepatic, diabetic, obese and elderly among others as well as hybrid studies starting in HNV and bridging into patient populations such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, COPD, ALS as well as cancer subjects. It also conducts inpatient vaccine and smoking related trials. The site focuses on complex studies which lend themselves to being performed in a level-one trauma facility with 24/7 rapid response code team coverage. Located in an academic medical center, the site has relationships with over 800 physicians, unique state of the art imaging, diagnostic and laboratory capabilities.

The outpatient units, in Knoxville and New Orleans, function as Phases II-IV research sites conducting efficacy trials from vaccine, obesity, migraine, diabetes and hypertension to women and men’s health, COPD and generally all internal medicine related indications. The New Orleans location has been in operation since the early 80s and was the hub of the operation until Hurricane Katrina forced relocation in 2005 and the Knoxville location has been in operation since 1998.

Staff at this location have an average longevity of 15 years. The site has an exemplary track record of compliancy, having successfully passed the last five FDA inspections in which NOCCR has been found to be in full compliance with FDA rules and regulations.

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