VRG/NOCCR-Knoxville are privately owned phase I through IV, multispecialty clinical research sites that include three seperate facilities.

  • A phase I unit/ inpatient facility located in Knoxville, TN (New Orleans Center for Clinical Research – Knoxville, or NOCCR Knoxville)
  • An outpatient facility located in Knoxville, TN (Volunteer Research Group, or VRG)
  • An outpatient facility located in New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Center for Clinical Research or NOCCR)

VRG/NOCCR Knoxville are particularly well suited for conducting First-in-Human trials. We are fully equipped, including a state-of-the-art Mortara Surveyor System, and is situated within the University of Tennessee Medical Center. We are located in close proximity to the hospital’s ER and one of its ICU, providing added layers of safety with code team and 24-hour critical care coverage. Our location provides access to specialists and special patient populations, on-site, same-day electronic transfer of clinical lab results, USP pharmacy capabilities, and on-site imaging services. Additionally, we can directly access the 900 University physicians, giving us the opportunity to collaborate with specialists in all therapeutic areas.

NOCCR-New Orleans was established more than twenty years ago, New Orleans Center for Clinical Research [NOCCR] is a dedicated outpatient research clinic located in the Mid-City area on Canal Street. NOCCR has extensive experience in a broad range of trial types and indications.


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