Volunteer Research Group is now AMR Knoxville. We may have a new name, but we’re still the same full service clinical research site that delivers high quality research services through a highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff.

AMR Knoxville conducts and manages the day-to-day clinical research trial at the investigative site level under the direction of the principal investigator. We handle all regulatory correspondence, contracts and budgets, plus training and placement of study-dedicated research coordinators. We recruit participants, gather data, provide complete documentation and follow study participants.

Clinical research matters.  You matter.

Clinical research matters because it makes healing possible.
Without it, a broken arm would remain broken.
A common ailment would go untreated.  A cancer patient would have no hope for a cure.
It has to start somewhere.  It has to start with someone.

Will that someone be you?

A leader in the fight against COVID-19.

A wide-range of Therapeutic Areas.

Help others through clinical research.

Research studies may test new drugs, medical devices, medical interventions or investigate vaccinations.